Relaxing the nervous system.

Resting the Nerves  (This technique is from the book "Brain Saver Protocols and Recipes" from Anthony William. 

This is a technique that is quick, easy and very accessible for everyone! It gives the brain and nervous system a quick rest and a chance to restore even in a busy day. 

All you need is to find a spot where you feel safe and can close your eyes. 

  • Stop whatever you are doing.
  • Find a comfortable position. If you have the choice then lying down is best. However if you feel comfortable sitting that is fine too.
  • Close your eyes and keep them closed for 8 to 20 minutes. The optimum time is between 12 to 15 minutes. However, any amount of time spent with this technique when you need a nerve recharge will serve you! 
  • When you close your eyes and sit or lie down, you need to remind yourself that you are doing this to rest and restore your nerves. 
  • The benefits of the exercise override any thoughts and stresses that are going through your head! 
  • As long as you know the purpose behind it, the second you shut your eyes and tell yourself that you are restoring your nervous system, any thoughts and worries that arise hold no authority over your restorative experience. 
  • The technique becomes more helpful every time you do it because your brain learns the routine of this restorative exercise. 

The nutrients from any healing foods that you have eaten so far that day can be used more effectively while you rest your nerves.

The technique also helps to strengthen the immune system

As you end the exercise remind yourself that your brain and nervous system have strengthened. 

If you are struggling with any sort of neurological symptom og illness this is one of the most powerful healing techniques!